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  • Would it? Firefly takes place in Earth's future and Dr. Who takes place... well, whenever... so it wouldn't be totally inconceivable.
    Wow. That was pleasantly informative for a response to a sarcastic remark that was made in the early morning wee hours when I was way too tired and way too awake :)

    Thanks for sharing that knowledge. I never knew so much about Norway until now. I am fascinated by Norse mythology. So I know a lot about the legends, not so much about the history.
    Hmm... :hmm: What is the dominant language of Norway? It's not Norse is it?

    (pay no heed to my ignorance i'm an american :P)
    Wreck it Ralph is a Disney/Pixar film that is heavily based off video games. It is not based off of any particular video game but plays homage to many real life games and features various video game characters in various capacity. IDK if it is still running in theaters or if it was released in Norway. It is a great film for anyone with an interest in video games or video game culture. It is enjoyable and funny... and the ending even puts me on the verge of crying, I admit. It's what you can expect from Disney/Pixar. Good quality fun entertainment.
    There is no maybe about it. Those Batman games are exceptional. They also play closer to Zelda than any other game I have ever played. In fact, at risk of sounding blasphemous, I'd say those games play better than any Zelda game. Batman uses his gadgets not only creatively in combat but also to solve puzzles. And there are a massive ton of hidden secrets to unlock, mostly having to do with the Riddlers challenges. You get to solve a lot of conceptual and navigational puzzles to unlock his Riddler Trophies by using Batman's gadgets creatively. Some challenges even offer multiple solutions. So those Arkham games owe a lot to the Zelda style of exploration and puzzle solving gameplay and have done it better than any Zelda game I have ever played, tbh. Arkham City, especially, also has a bit of Zelda's overworld/dungeon formula.

    Modern Zelda games could learn a lot from the Arkham games. The controls are also a lot tighter than recent Zelda games. Selecting gadgets and integrating them seamlessly into combat is something Nintendo should figure out how to do better and something the Arkham games have managed to nail perfectly.

    Also, IDK if you have seen the recent Wreck it Ralph film that is running in theaters atm, but a certain Firefly cast member plays the voice of a most surprising character. If you didn't know better I'd say you wouldn't expect it. I sure didn't!
    Yes. Play Batman. There is no "to play or not to play" there is only "play." Doesn't really matter where you start. Arkham City expands greatly on Arkham Asylum and understanding events in AA is not essential in AC (but they will be referenced anyway) chances are you'll end up playing Asylum after playing City anyway. Of course you should play both of them anyway. Oh, and if you play Arkham City, be sure to get the Catwoman DLC included somehow. It provides a more complete experience and best of all, it's fun! ^^

    I rate the Arkham games among the greatest ever. They are so tight, so detailed, entertaining, and the greatest portrayal of Batman you'll see outside of a Christopher Nolan film. Yeah, I wasn't always a Batman fan but Nolan's films and the Arkham games made me into one. :D

    Other than Batman, superheroes aren't exactly my thing. I'll enjoy the films before the comics, such as X-Men or Avengers.

    Also, Fillion shows up in a surprisingly large number of video games as a voice artist. I think he and Adam Baldwin played minor characters in a Halo game, and Baldwin is unmistakable as the voice of Kal'Reeger in Mass Effect 2!
    LUCKY!!! Somehow I got the impression that Castle's character closely mirrors Nathan's own, but I still admire Capt. Mal, even if he might seriously benefit from an enema (Doc should have prescribed one in Ep. 1! The /real/ Ep. 1 not the one FOX aired :P)

    and I just recently discovered that Stana is the voice of Ta'lia Al'Ghul in Batman Arkham City. My mind is still blown from that!
    Oh, it's alright :P
    Doesn't top Person of Interest, but for some reason the word Castle came to mind when I registered. And since I couldn't come up with anything better at the time I just went with it. :D
    Nation Fillion FTW!!
    and Stana Katic :love:
    I thought you might want to join: Socialists of Zelda Dungeon - Dungeon Gaming Network
    The HK are given to mmebers who are showing a very mature level of posting and behavior. You should have become one already a while back imo. But you deserve it. Silly girl!! Didn't you see your name was changed purple? :P I was happy to see it purple!
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