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Miss Moonlight
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  • Good. Been trying to make a good avatar and siggy, one that looks good but I also like. I have my new signature, now I need a new avatar. :nod: /WTMI
    Why aren't we friends yet? x3 Hello Miss M, i'm zeldahuman (think you know that already), ZH for short. How are you?
    Short clip of my backyard fireworks (link leads to video) =]


    i hope it's "legendary" and the birthday ninjas treat-ith you to something shiny, yes? ^^
    I don't know you but I saw below the forums that it was your Birthday so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can I be so curious and ask if you are gonna do something spectacular this special day? Like I wrote before I hope it will be an awesome day for you :)

    (Is it still your birthday?, I am never sure about the time zones etc.)
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