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    Ocarina of Time Worst Enemy Ever.

    I would say Leevers are the worst enemies ever, they are fast and there are an endless amount of them, plus the developers hated them so much they made there targeting system ring be green instead of yellow. Talk about hating an enemy that you put into the game. :P
  2. Mikepoke101

    Ocarina of Time What Happened to Lord Jabu-Jabu?

    I have always wondered this through my playthroughs of Ocarina of Time, but what happened to Lord Jabu-Jabu? He was saved by Link as a kid, But 7 years later when Link became an adult, he was gone. I find this quite interesting and I want to know what you guys think happened to Lord Jabu-Jabu...
  3. Mikepoke101

    Weirdest Great Fairies in a Game

    I think the last one from Link to the Past was, I think the dark world transformed her, but she look different from the rest in the game. She was a plump, deformed looking great fairy and I always found that wierd. Oh and of course the N64 great fairies, ewwwwwww :S
  4. Mikepoke101

    Skyward Sword: Boss Battle Mode

    They need something like this. Like they said they want to 1-up Ocarina of Time, why not add some post game features. Heck, they should through in a Mini-Boss challenge as well, the more the better for me. :)
  5. Mikepoke101

    Ocarina of Time Is Navi a Fake Fairy?

    I personally consider the faires from the forest a different race from the faries of the fountains. I believe the faries of the forest do not have healing ablities but are more wise and intelligent, which is why they are your protectors, the fountain faires on the other hand are created by the...
  6. Mikepoke101

    Ocarina of Time Why Do People Find the Shadow Temple Difficult?

    I find for one of the last temples in the game it is a bit to easy. I have never found it difficult because it is very linear, quite short, and The enemies are easy and there is very few of them. Alot of people find Bongo Bongo to be one of, if not, the hardest boss in the game and I dissagree...
  7. Mikepoke101

    Ocarina of Time Most Humorous Part of the Game.

    When I was a kid I found the part where Talon woke up and ran for Malon, I found the way he ran to be quite humorous. What about you guys? What was the moment of the game that you thought was most humorous?
  8. Mikepoke101

    Ocarina of Time Your Least Favorite Part of the Game.

    I know it's worded funny but to be honest what is your least favorite part of the game? My least favorite part was the shadow temple. I found the temple to be too simple and short for my liking. I really dislike the dullness of this temple and thought they could have stepped up the challenge...
  9. Mikepoke101

    Ocarina of Time How Quickly Did You Beat This Game?

    First time took me about a month . :P I was only 7 though when I first played it...I can complete it now in about 12-15 hours. :)
  10. Mikepoke101

    How Will You Play Through the Game and What Will You Name Link?

    I usually name my character Link, there was one time in Oot where I named him "Zelda", It was a pretty weird experience :P. But that is out of topic. I will probably do it just as a plan play through the first time playing the game, I will collect what I find but will not 100%, my second time...
  11. Mikepoke101

    Ocarina of Time Navi's Annoyance - Overrated?

    I find her only annoying during side quests. I hate it when I am trying to do something away from the main quest and she keeps on telling me where to go next. Other then that I don't find her to be too much of an annoyance.
  12. Mikepoke101

    Dark Link in Skyward Sword

    Could We See Dark Link in Skyward Sword? I believe that there could be a showing of Dark Link in Skyward Sword. I believe this because of the combat system that will be present in the game. I really can't go into much detail because I honestly couldn't tell you if he would be a mini-boss or a...
  13. Mikepoke101

    Ocarina of Time What Was It for You?

    It was a whole new experience for me, I remember playing it for the first time in my cousins basement, I truly loved the game and I had to beat it. I beat it for the first time and I truly felt satisfied for completing it :) .
  14. Mikepoke101

    Ocarina of Time What Was the Worst Ever Happened Thing?

    The first time I played Ocarina of Time I kept racing Ingo at the ranch and beating him the first time, and loosing the second race. I went through about 300 rupees before I won epona. It wasn't a pretty sight I'm not going to lie...
  15. Mikepoke101

    Ocarina of Time If You Could, How Would You Change the Ending of Ocarina of Time?

    Navi, oh Navi, why did you have to run away and ruin the game ending for Link :P
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