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  • I don't think any current existing games really need to be remade nor would benefit seriously from it. While in some ways I want to say The Wind Waker or Twilight Princess, since I feel they had a fair amount of flaws, I don't think its a thing where it's worth remaking them.

    I don't think a remake should be made unless the original game is flawed enough, or is significant in the series. The first game, for example, or the most critically acclaimed. Ocarina of Time is the most critically acclaimed, and it was made as a remake for a special event (the 25th anniversary). That said, if they were to remake ANY Zelda game, I'd probably say the original, just because that's the only other Zelda game with the appropriate kind of status; no other games have the right status or enough flaws to warrant it, IMO.

    Zelda is just too good a series to need to worry about remakes all the time.
    welcome!I'm zeldahuman, pleased to meet you! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask me, another member, or read the FAQ. If you have any personal problems at hand or just have alot of bad things on your mind, visit my Advice Column and tell me all about it! Read Da Rules and have a great time here! Oh, and don’t forget to introduce yourself over in the Community Forum.

    See you around!
    ~Zeldahuman (ZH for short)
    If anyone views my profile read this. I am new to the forum and have tons of knowledge and passion for Zelda, feel free to ask me a Question or chat with me. I visit Zelda Dungeon daily so I will write back quite soon, look forward to chatting with you and hope we can develop a good friendship over are love for Zelda! :)
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