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    General Art CREEPYPASTA PREVIEW - Super MARIO World

    Interesting, but even though you say this is still just at the "sick joke" level it doesn't read that way. It comes across as, "this is hacked and wierd" and then suddenly with the dead Yoshi "what is going on this can't be hacked!" even though it doesn't say that, the excitement level suddenly...
  2. MikauIncarnate

    A Link to the Past Enemy Artwork Competition

    When is this going to end? I'm almost finished but not quite.
  3. MikauIncarnate

    Minecraft Legend of Zelda Overworld

    I'm happy to log on and check it out when you put the server up. It looks really nice.
  4. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Art Legend of Zelda Chucks and Skull Kid Sketch (I'm New BTW)

    That's an awesome skull kid. Man, I wish I could draw that well. xD
  5. MikauIncarnate

    GenGAME Minecraft Server Registration Thread!

    I'm wulfiedude14 in minecraft. I want to join because I still love Hyrulecraft (you might remember me being the one who asked like thousands of questions) and totally can't wait until it's finished or at least available, plus, I've played on the server a little and really like the feel of it...
  6. MikauIncarnate

    If There Was No Tri-Force, Would Ganondorf Have Ever Been Evil?

    And are you sure the triforce does not exist? Hm? Anyway, I think JuicieJ is right. Either all life would be gone, and therefore he wouldn't exist, or Demise would never have been defeated thus his hatred would not live on, and therefore he still wouldn't exist. So no. He would not be evil. Or...
  7. MikauIncarnate

    Dragons in Zelda

    I agree with absolutely no dragon riding; however, I do like the idea of more dragons in Zelda, especially as bosses. I prefer a sort of mix between eastern and westerns, like long and skinny with no wings but can still fly, usually elementally oriented. I'm not sure how well the dragon race...
  8. MikauIncarnate

    Larger Supernatural Threats in Future Zelda Games?

    I wouldn't mind some vampires or more were-wolf like enemies, but I think aliens definitely should stay out of it.
  9. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Art Jo-Onis Hyrulean Art <3

    Wow, these are all really good. As someone else said you really are a master of emotion!
  10. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Art Zelda Apps

    I like this. You should make it for iPod and iPhone too.
  11. MikauIncarnate

    Queen Zelda

    Uh. Going on a diplomatic mission does not mean they're dead. I agree with most of Voldemort's points, excluding ocarina of time. For some reason I have always assumed that Zelda's mom died when she was very young, not in childbirth though, perhaps around the same time Link's mom died. Idk...
  12. MikauIncarnate

    Yeah, I started by finding clockwork angel in the library, then read all the mortal instruments...

    Yeah, I started by finding clockwork angel in the library, then read all the mortal instruments, then reread clockwork angel and got clockwork prince.
  13. MikauIncarnate

    Yes. Currently my favorite series.

    Yes. Currently my favorite series.
  14. MikauIncarnate


    Uh... Can I have Zora Link from MM? I gotta cool idea.
  15. MikauIncarnate

    Zelda Art Art Collab

    I'll do it, that is, as long as the topic is Zelda related. And I'll try to be better about getting it done this time too.
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