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    How Much Time Do You Plan to Spend at the Marathon?

    Understandable, I was obsessed with portal 2 just a year ago. Also, good luck on finding a job, I'm about to get out of high school and that is something I am not looking forward too, especially with college+job.
  2. MightyGhirahim

    How Much Time Do You Plan to Spend at the Marathon?

    Needless to say, I love marathons. And last year this marathon was more enjoyable than other ones to me and I am extremely excited about the marathon this year! So I wanted to ask you guys a question, how long do you plan to watch the marathon? I plan to spend most of my day on the marathon...
  3. MightyGhirahim

    What is Your Mood at the Moment?

    Mood: sick :(
  4. MightyGhirahim


    Wow I almost forgot! And this is coincidently the day I was going t play it again, happy one year anniversary Skyward Sword!!
  5. MightyGhirahim

    Skyloft Knight Personality Quiz

    I got Link, that makes sense, my head is always in the clouds :P
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    Skyward Sword was harder than most of the newer zelda games, had much more trouble on it than I had trouble on all of the 3D zelda's except for the water temple in OoT.
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    Spoiler Ghirahim: Your Thoughts?

    Of course he is awesome, just look at my name.
  8. MightyGhirahim

    Wiki Help

    i dont know if this belongs here, but i have a quick question. In pictures for the wiki, where are the files for the pics?? Sorry this was short, but i just need to know this real quick.
  9. MightyGhirahim

    The Hobbit Trailer

    hopefully i will see this movie before we die in 2012 :p
  10. MightyGhirahim

    Spoiler Ruins of Tower of Spirits (Spirit Tracks) in Lanayru Mining Facility (Skyward Sword)?

    In the beginning of WW is directly shows that WW is after OOT, so yes it does show that the WW trilogy is after OOT.
  11. MightyGhirahim

    Random Poll:

    i preordered it, should get it soon.
  12. MightyGhirahim

    Why Does Everyone Hate COD

    BTW, by everyone I kinda meant everyone in the Zelda community. Almost EVERYONE here says COD sucks or something or another D:
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    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    Man SS will be the best Zelda game to ever exist, so far :D btw 50TH POST WOOT!!!! :triforce:
  14. MightyGhirahim

    Why Does Everyone Hate COD

    That is EXACTLY my point :) play the games, and don't hate for no reason.
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