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    Making Link TALK.

    Link doesn't need to talk. He is meant to be an avatar for the player. Also a lot of people have their own idea on how Link should sound and giving him a voice would ruin that.
  2. Midna666

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Here's mine. It's Selene from Underworld.
  3. Midna666

    General Zelda Will Zelda Ever Unfortunately Come to an End (I Hope Not)

    As long as the Zelda games keep selling Nintendo will keep making them.
  4. Midna666

    General Zelda Which One Would Work Better - Anime Series or Movie?

    I think that an anime based off of Akira Himekawas Zelda Mangas could be good. I don't really have much hope that a Zelda movie would be good.
  5. Midna666


    I love animals. They are so much better then people in my opinion. Here's a picture of my 17 year old cat. His name is Screech. He's very shy of most people but he loves me, my dad, and especially my mom. Sadly his tail had to be removed a long time ago. This is Peaches. She's a...
  6. Midna666

    General Zelda Biggest Disappointment in Zelda

    For me Skyward Sword was a disappointment. I was really hoping for a sequel to Twilight Princess. When I saw Skyward Sword I felt really letdown. But the worst part was the motion controls. Instead of adding to the game they made the game more frustrating. Fi was a let down as well. I was...
  7. Midna666

    Twilight Princess Would You Like to See a TP 2?

    Yes I'd love to see a sequel to Twilight Princess. The backstory about the Twili is interesting enough for another game. Yes the mirror was destroyed but there are ways around that problem.
  8. Midna666

    Twilight Princess Did You Know That Zant Was Crazy Before He Flipped Out?

    Yes. The game kind of hints that that's the reason why Zant was passed down for the throne. Personally I love that Zant's crazy. I feel that it makes him stand out from all the Ganon wannabes.
  9. Midna666

    General Zelda Voice Acting In Future Zelda Games

    I don't think that Zelda needs voice acting. Plus I don't think that there's a voice actor who could do the characters justice. In our head we all have an idea about how the characters sound and nothing could live up to that.
  10. Midna666

    General Zelda Do You Miss The Magically Magical Magic Meter?

    No I don't miss the magic meter. I hardly ever used magic in any of the Zelda games that had the magic meter. Personally I don't really care if the magic meter comes back or not, but if it does then I hope that it actually has a use throughout the game. The only game that used the magic meter...
  11. Midna666

    Twilight Princess What Do You Think About It

    I love Twilight Princess I think that it has one of the best stories in a Nintendo game. It has a lot of heart to it. Link felt like a real person in the game. Plus the characters went through character development. Personally I think it's a better game then Ocarina of Time.
  12. Midna666

    Favorite Manga?

    The LTTP manga is my favorite Zelda manga. It developed Link as a character, and give his parents a backstory. It also give Agahnim more of a personality. Plus I love Ghanti.
  13. Midna666

    Hyrule Historia Book: A Bunch of Bull?

    I still don't see the problem with FSA going after TP. There was never any proof that FSA took place directly after FS.
  14. Midna666

    Should We Have More Reappearing Villains?

    Well now that we know that the timeline splits in three, there's really nothing to stop Nintendo from reusing old Zelda villains. I think that it would be awesome if they decided to bring Veran back.
  15. Midna666

    Adventure of Link Adventure of Link: Underappriciated and Underloved

    I really don't think that it's underloved. Nintendo made some questionable decisions when they created this game. The gameplay is not as tight as it could be. And a lot of the game relies on trial and error which gets annoying after a while. It's not a bad video game it's just a bad Zelda game.
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