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    No one`s voting for me for sexiest female member. If you lied to me I won`t talk to you again :(
    I think they're just intimidated by a sexy, strong, independent black woman like yourself who don't need no man.
    I never knew your username was after the Hollyoaks character. I personally enjoy that series also.
    Lawl, Tim is actually the one who told me more about this site. =P But yeah, I can see that sig you made a while ago, the "Old ZD Generation" Looks really good on this layout. xD
    I don't think we will ever know the real reason. Maybe the queen didn't wanted the marrige, maybe other royal family members didn't wanted her to be the next queen.
    I don't know too much about her but i know that she was a very kind person. She was a humanist. Oh and she was good friends with Michael Jackson :D

    After problems with Prince Charles, he started an affair with another woman. Queen Elizabeth then took this chance and asked Prince Charles for a divorce.
    After divorce, diana moved on with her life, but her sons were still first in line for the throne.

    Then later she died what was claimed to be a car accident that happened in a tunnel.
    But the the father of the person who caused the accident said that it wad a consparicy, that the crash was set up by MI6 (Secret Intelligence Service, an agency for personal use by the royal familiy), under the instructions of Prince Phillip. And last year it was announced by the jury of the court that Diana was indeed killed.
    Lol so is holland, if that thats the reason then i can understand.

    But respect the Queen? Don't hate me if i say this but i don't respect her nor disrepect her. The reason is, that i believe that she or Prince Charles had something to do with the death of Princess Diana. Altough there is no hard evidence since it happened in a tunnel, its hard to believe it was an accident. I really liked Princess Diana.

    But yeah, but the children of Princess Diana isn't making things easy for the Queen and their father.
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