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  • Hmmm, you live in Malaysia as well then or something? I'm in Canada myself, and we more or less get snow here every winter, I'm so used to the stuff that my resistance to the cold is high =P

    Oh, you can call me Vain or LV, whichever works.
    Violet certainly is among the more active members here, I wouldn't describe her as being popular really, but she's a good kid a lot of people like to chat with :)
    Oh, so your Vio's cousin? That's cool I suppose...but anyways, "sig" is short for signature, if you look in the "About Me" section of my profile you'll find my sig. Click on and open the spoiler in it to see the House list, Violet's name is on it near the bottom.
    Why, young Violet of course...if you open that spoiler in my sig there you can see her name on the House list, she is the Youth of Light and Dark.

    You're welcome though, I've been spreading that stuff here for over a year now, everybody loves Sunshine~
    Hmmm, so you're a friend of my one daughter here then, huh...well, if you need anything feel free to VM me I suppose. Oh, and just so you know I am Lord Vain, the Digital God of Peace and Destruction. Nice to meet you...haz some Sunshine.


    It's all good :)
    The only anime that I've seen is SAO and it was great, now that it's over I need something else to watch. And Violet showed me a few Japanese songs and I thought that they were pretty cool :) I hope to see you around more!
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