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  1. Mellow Ezlo

    Do you still use your (previously) favorite character in SSBU?

    Toon Link has probably been my "main" since Brawl, although I've never been one to use mains. He's probably consistently been the character I have the most fun with, though.
  2. Mellow Ezlo

    Any plans for after Covid?

    My family was going to come visit when my graduation ceremony was still on, but when it was canceled and the travel restrictions were put in place we had to cancel those plans. I'm trying to work out a way for my family to still come visit after this is over so we can have our own celebration...
  3. Mellow Ezlo

    Rank the seasons!

    Spring, Autumn, Winter, Summer. This summer hasn't been too bad but I hate being too hot. I don't mind winter that much despite the fact that the air hurts my face, since it's pretty easy to get warm. Summer is just hot, and you can only go so far with taking your clothes off before it's...
  4. Mellow Ezlo

    Waterblight Ganon Boss

    Waterblight is a fun boss but I personally found it to be the most annoying one. Maybe it's just because it was my first, but I found myself getting hit way more times than against any of the other bosses. The long spear is difficult to dodge and its attack patterns can be unpredictable.
  5. Mellow Ezlo

    Have you always kept up w/ the series?

    I played Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask as a kid, and eventually The Wind Waker, then I was excited about Twilight Princess when it was announced and got it around Christmas time. But I wasn't actively following the series at that time. It actually wasn't until 2010, when Skyward Sword was...
  6. Mellow Ezlo

    Do you have any sleep habits?

    I have a tendency to wake up after 3 or 4 hours of sleep and feel awake enough to struggle falling back to sleep but tired enough to immediately feel it upon getting up. It's been happening very frequently over the past month or so and I'm not sure if there's a cause or not, but I don't recall...
  7. Mellow Ezlo

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 415!

    I really like the Minish Village. The idea of a tiny village is just such an interesting concept to me, and it made me wish there were more tiny villages to explore. The Minish are a really interesting and somewhat mysterious race, on top of being really cute, and having them live in shoes and...
  8. Mellow Ezlo

    What have you done over COVID?

    Gamed, worked on some personal projects, finished my degree, chatted with my sisters in video calls, moved in with a friend, watched a couple tv shows, etc. It's been a strange few months, and I get incredibly bored most days, but I've tried making the most of it.
  9. Mellow Ezlo

    What is your preferred way to play Twilight Princess, with a traditional controller or Wiimote?

    Traditional controller, definitely. The Wii controls for Twilight Princess were really flimsy and just tacked on. They were in no way innovative and you could tell the game was not designed with motion controls in mind. The game just feels so much better on a proper controller.
  10. Mellow Ezlo

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    We're heading out to pick up some adorable fur babies this evening! Even though they're not mine, they'll be living in my house and I'm really looking forward to having a couple of new roommates! Might post pics later. Will see.
  11. Mellow Ezlo

    BIRTHDAY HAPPY :party:

    BIRTHDAY HAPPY :party:
  12. Mellow Ezlo

    VikzeLink's Yearly Happy Birthday #27!

    VikzeLink's Yearly Happy Birthday #27!
  13. Mellow Ezlo

    What book do you think everyone should have to read in school?

    1984 was a required reading for me in high school and is probably the book I feel mostly should continue to be required reading. It's complex and really encourages critical thinking in a way no novel has done for me before, and helped develop critical writing skills in high school.
  14. Mellow Ezlo

    Game Thread Pendio Mafia X

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