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Mellow Ezlo

I am a sloth.
Oct 16, 2016 (Age: 6)
Favourite Zelda Title
  1. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask


thx 4 votes friendz, i has happiez! ^_^




3DS FC: 2896-0330-2983
Steam: Mezlo123
Instagram: lacutie96
YouTube: SlothyCyrus
Discord: Tristan#0425

Feel free to add me on any of these!


:ezlo:Sig made by the great Nagasa!:ezlo:

Italics = My team lost
Bold = My team won
Underline = I survived to the end

Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book OnePabu, Vanilla Townie (Lynched Day 2)
DBZ MAFIA – The Battle for Earth, Z Fighters Vs The AndroidsCell, Mafia Godfather
Lord of the Rings Mafia – The Treason of IsengardBoromir, Town Bodyguard (Killed Night 4)
Harry Potter and the Prizoners of MafiaRon Weasley, Town Doctor (Killed Night 4)
The Legend of Mafia: Majora’s MadnessTwinmold, Mafia Double Voter (One Shot) (Killed Night 1)
Metroid Mafia: Attack on Space PiratesZebesian, Vanilla Townie (Replaced Day 2, took over as mod for final day)
Green Lantern Mafia - Saint Walker, Oa Aligned Super Cop (town) (Lynched Day 2)
Pirates Mafia 2: Dead Man’s Chest/At World’s EndMarty, Town Censor
Kid Icarus Uprising MafiaCenturion Knight, Vanilla Townie (Replaced Day 6; Replacement Lynched Day 8)
Fate/Zero Mafia – War for the Holy GrailAoi Tosaka, Vanilla Townie (Lynched Day 1)
Animal Crossing Mafia: Every Day’s a New DayCyrus, Mafia Lover (Killed Night 3)
Luigi’s Mansion MafiaHenry, Town Best Friend (Mason) (Game ended prematurely, no result)
Super Smash MafiaWario, Mafia Goon (Lynched Day 5)
Pokéscum Mafia: The First Generation – Mod (Mafia Victory)
Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book TwoAsami, Town Voyeur (Replaced Day 4; Replacement Lynched Day 4)
School’s Out: Recess MafiaDigger Sam, Mason (Replaced Day 3; Replacement Killed Night 3)
Downton Abbey MafiaEdith Crawley, Hated Townie (Killed Night 3)
Mafia the Gathering: PlanechaseKarn, Colorless Walker (Killed Night 4)
Sword Art Online MafiaTsuboi Ryoutarou, Town Snoop
Skyward Sword MafiaBatreaux, Town Recycler turned Doctor (Killed Night 6)
THEBESTZDMAFIA: hi friendPolar Bear (Deathproof)
Beginner’s Mafia 8Mafia Goon (Lynched Day 4)
Down the rabbit hole: Lucid dream mafiaGumball Little, Serial Killer Drifter (Lynched Day 7)
Mafia RevivalInnocent Child
Team Fortress 2: Mann vs. MachineRED Spy, Even-Night Cop (Killed Night 6)
Dollhouse mafia: Did that thing just stare back?Stacey, Gentle Doll
Avengers Mafia: Attack of the Cosmic Invaders – Mod (Town Victory)
Super Smash Mafia 2: Originals vs ClonesMarth, Vanilla Townie (Killed Night 5)
Super Secret Anonymous Mafia – Mod (Town Victory)
Wizard101 Mafia - Feral Lavaling [Replacement] (Game never officially ended)
Overwatch Mafia - Hanzo (Game ended prematurely, no result)
Storm's Chaos Mafia - The Buck (Killed final day)
Ouran High School Host Club: The Return of Lobelia - Ritsu Kasanoda, Vanilla Townie
Sherlock Mafia: The Game Is On! - Zhi Zhu, Mafia Ninja
Anime Girls Mafia - The Kawaii Yakuza - Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi, Vanilla Townie (Lynched Day 3)
Night Hut Mafia: The Treacherous Neighorhoods - Mafia Strongman (Replacement) (Lynched Day 1)
Bloodborne Mafia: A Paleblood Hunt - Old Hunter Yamamura, Vanilla Townie
Great Expectations Mafia - Courtier
Spaceballs: The Mafia Game - Dark Helmet, Dreaming God
The Greatest Mafia Game Ever (aka Sloth Mafia™) - Mod (Town Victory)
Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Mafia - Keiko Ayano, Vanilla Townie
C H A O S M A F I A I I - The Pwiest
Avatar: The Last Airbender Mafia - Zuko, Town Vigilante (Killed Night 2)
Mafia: The Legend of Korra Book 3 - Zaheer, Mafia Poisoner
Welcome, to Bok-Chan Sama's School for Anime Boys - Ash Ketchum, Recruited Rulebreaker (Mafia Traitor/Goon) (Lynched Day 5)
Pokemon Delta Emerald Mafia - BMGf Crossover - Anabel, Town Amnesiac turned Cop (Killed Night 1)

Total played: 43 games​
Yaron Herman Trio - Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana Cover)

Nautan 02/05/2018 <3
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