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    fanarts by meissan

  2. Meissan

    Pixel Art Project [OoT]

    i imagine, it's long and hard work, it's normal...
  3. Meissan

    Echolight's art

    you have great skills, continue your work :D
  4. Meissan

    Pixel Art Project [OoT]

    wha! your pixels arts are very beautiful :pikalove: continue your work, you have great talent
  5. Meissan

    Rito: Wind Waker or Breath of the Wild

    for me it's the design from BOTW that better :) , even if i love the others.
  6. Meissan

    Microsoft Microsoft to Acquire Activision Blizzard

    i think it's very terrific, even if i don't like the compagny that microsoft has buying
  7. Meissan

    Waffle Dee draws anything you want!

    nices drawing ;), continue
  8. Meissan

    why is tingle not in botw?

    tingle is not here in every game, if i have good memory, he is not present in twilight princess, skyword sword... after i don't know the reason
  9. Meissan

    Do you love or hate Revali? And why?

    i like it... because he is very COOL:D
  10. Meissan

    fanarts by meissan

  11. Meissan

    fanarts by meissan

  12. Meissan

    fanarts by meissan

  13. Meissan

    fanarts by meissan

  14. Meissan

    fanarts by meissan

    thanks you so much everyone!!:pikalove:
  15. Meissan

    Avatar i did for someones

    Hello, I present to you some avatars I made for some friends. i hope they are enjoy you :^^:
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