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    The White Sword: LoZ

    You must have five heart containers before you can pick up the white sword. You start off with three, so that should be two more from the start. You can find the heart containers in the dungeons after the dungeon boss, or picking up the heart containers in the overworld. Guide for overworld...
  2. Mehplep

    Difficulty Setting?

    I have to disagree with El Bagu on this one, and say that toughen up the puzzles is a relevant part in increasing the difficulty in a Zelda games. Recent games have become easier because lack of threatening AI indeed, but puzzles aren't that difficult either. Sure, you can dump a whole lotta...
  3. Mehplep

    Majora's Mask First Save Point

    If you find problems solving the first part of the game, please use the site walkthrough for help. It covers everything in the game, so it should be helpfull. And you can't shoot bubbles before you save the stray fairy from the laundry pool and get her to the great fairy in north town, I think...
  4. Mehplep

    Link to the Past

    You've missed the Moon Pearl in the third dungeon, the one at the top of the mountain. Make you way back up there (in the light world) and go through the dungeon again. The big chest on the fourth floor contains the Moon Pearl, which makes you keep your original form in the Dark World...
  5. Mehplep

    Should There Ever Be Zelda on Wiiware?

    I would really like to see some SDK on WiiWare. Or, not maybe SDK, but still a development kit of some sort. Zelda just screams of fan made dungeons and games, and while it's done to a certain point with Zelda Classic for example, putting a real development kit, easy to use, on WiiWare, would be...
  6. Mehplep

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    mah desktop ...yes I know, I really need to clean it up, but seriously, am I ever going to do that? Probably not >.<
  7. Mehplep

    3D A Link to the Past

    Uh, Nintendo already made ALttP in 3D. It's called Ocarina of Time... Nah, but they don't need to do that at all. Why would they anyways? ALttP was designed as a 2D game, and if Nintendo wanted to translate it into 3D, they would have to redo, take away, put new things in, fix stuff, make...
  8. Mehplep

    Experience System Again?

    Err... I voted yes, but... I really like AoL. I do, but I tend to not like the leveling- and experience point-system in most RPGs. I don't hate it, but it mostly seems to become a huge grindfest sooner or later. And grinding is the one factor I always hate in all rpgs, it is just very annoying...
  9. Mehplep

    In OoT when Can You Get the Ice Arrows?

    Thread moved to Game Help. I usually never get the Ice Arrows when I play through OoT, but as Bellum said, you need the Silver Gauntlets in order to complete the Training Grounds. And I seriously don't know if you can beat the Spirit Temple before the Water Temple.
  10. Mehplep

    If Sailing returns...

    But the thing missing there is the actual fun with the actual sailing. Ehm, that sounds strange... but what you like is the exploration. It's pretty much exactly in the first two zeldas, but on a boat instead. Just that outside the boat, you can do loads of other stuff, while in WW, you do...
  11. Mehplep

    Super smash brothers Caption riot

    ... or you'll just wait until some other mod moves it for you :)
  12. Mehplep

    If Sailing returns...

    I was just thinking about this yesterday, Zelda and sailing... and then I just realized one thing. Even though I don't like the Wii's motion controls, sailing would be a heck of a lot fun with the Wiimote. Think about it. If anyone have sailed here, I think you get my general idea already...
  13. Mehplep


    Well... I have Windows XP, Windows Vista, Ubuntu, RedHat, Debian, and OSX on my computers, but I voted XP just for the heck of it.
  14. Mehplep

    Ocarina of Time guinness book of world records

    Swiftblade was probably refering to TSA, The Silent Assasin, a guy who have done some impressive TAS-runs of several games. The fastest run I've seen of OoT was in two and a half hour, but it used oh so many glitches. I think he actually skipped three medallions, and the first thing he did was...
  15. Mehplep

    Please help! (ALttP)

    Okay, this thread was about how to make patterns and finding sprites to use for the guitar, not requesting characters to put on the guitar. If you aren't going to answer her primary question or help her, just zippit.
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