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  • I agree with you.^^ Although I have nothing to comment on other people music taste so that's why I haven't done that.:sweat:
    Excellent job with the artwork. It was great. I featured it on the front page. Great job.
    Oh wow, I do like. In fact, I like a lot! Those are really incredible. I like the style, with the black border, but out of curiosity, have you done pieces without it? It might be neat to try new things (if you haven't already, I don't actually know :bleh:). What program do you use to make these? And, is MM your favorite game?
    (I'm just asking so many questions to strike up the conversation. :P)

    Finally, welcome to ZD! You seem to be having fun. :)
    :cry: No, Ilia's song is beautiful... :(

    Lol, all the different versions can be a bit repetitive, but I still love it.
    Oh wow! These are absolutely fabulous! You should take requests! I'm sure you'd get a lot rather quickly. :)

    Awesome work, Medri!
    I will be doing 3 more MMask pieces.

    The Mayor, The Indago-go's, and Anju and Kafei
    in that order.
    Thanks for the friend request! And, yes, if you post any more art, let me know, I'd love to see it!
    Those are amazing! I especially liked the one of Sheik! (Zelda being my favourite character, including Sheik and Tetra.)
    Hey, it's great to meet you, and welcome to the forums! I actually just got back on the site today. :zelda:

    The link you posted was to my profile, though...

    Hope to talk to you again soon!
    Oh, I saw your full avatar and it looked like Kratos from Tales of Symphonia. I apologize, I was wrong.
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