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    General Classic Bring Back BowWow!

    BowWow made fighting enemies so much easier and if he was your companion in a future zelda game that would be awesome!
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    Earliest Zelda Memory

    I have a memory of playing Oracle of Seasons on my red Gameboy advance SP Playing that game while my basement was being re-done which prevented me from playing my Wii. I beat the game being satisfied and it was also my the first Zelda game I have ever beaten. :)
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    So... How's the Weather?

    It is really chilly here and we have had some rain and its 10 degrees here! :)
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    What Weapons Would You Want?

    I guess I would like a throwing knife that link could throw at enemies and would have a knife bag that would hold 10 throwing knifes and Link could also buy more at a store that sells them. This is my opinion so please don't say "That would be a stupid idea!" or whatever else.
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    Spoiler Were the Silent Realms Actually Challenging?

    The silent realms weren't that hard for me, but I hated the part in the Eldin Silent Realm where you had to run up that hill with all of the watchers everywhere! I kept getting got what luckily, there were some tears nearby I grabbed that saved me. But other than that they weren't that hard. And...
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    Did You Like Revisiting the Locations Again in Skyward Sword?

    Did you honestly like revisiting the places you have been before again? (Like for example: Going back to Lanayru Desert and then discover Lanayru Sand Sea) I thought it was a great concept and I hope they put it in again in a future Zelda game. So, what do you think? :)
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    Ghirahim=Best Villian in Zelda?

    Ghirahim is my favorite villain! Even though he is creepy in some ways... he's still my favorite!
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    Things in Zelda That Seem Normal but Would Be Weird if You Saw It in Real Life.

    Seeing the Windmill Guy playing his music box really angry...suck nightmares!
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    Which Town/Village In Zelda Is Your Favourite?

    I like Windfall Island! There's a bunch of stuff to do there and... I love hitting the pigs with my sword! :lol:
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    April Giveaway Contest: Top 5 Favorite Video Games

    1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS) 2. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii) 3. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) 4. Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (Xbox 360) 5. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Gamecube)
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    Do You Any of You Don't Do Master Quest?

    I don't do master quest! I don't do it because (I have the 3DS version) I hate how it's mirrored! And I'm not really a person who really likes the different enemy placement! Do any of you people don't do Master Quest? Please tell me! :)
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    The First Zelda Game You Played

    Oracle of Seasons for me. I loved that game so much!
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    Ghirahim in Smash Bros.

    I would like it if Ghirahim was in the new Super Smash Bros. But if he isn't I would be furious! Outraged! Sick with Anger! -Ghirahim/ Kidding, I wouldn't be.
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    Make Your Own Zelda Item

    If you could make your own Zelda item, what would it be? And also you can combine present day Zelda items together also. Mine would be the Spinner and it can shoot any type of arrow, and also when the arrow hits the enemy, a bomb sprouts from the arrow and falls to the ground and...BOOM! The...
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    Majora's Mask Operation Moonfall

    I totally support Operation Moonfall! But I would be pretty enthusiastic about brand new zelda game on the 3DS.
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