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  • Makes sense. Dude deserves a break now and then. I feel bad that he had to move to Italy :(

    I got into him when one of his montages popped in the related bar once. I watched it and then watched more of his stuff, beginning with Cry of Fear (which I am currently in the middle of playing myself).
    I agree. I guess he must be on break or something. I didn't watch the last Fridays w/ episode so I didn't get his updates.

    Still, I hope he throws out more clever bot and episodes and I want to see him do the other ending for Anna
    Glad you liked it. ^^

    As far as recording goes, I use Webinaria to record my emulator, because I can record audio and video at the same time. To run the ROM, I use Visual Boy Advance.
    Good luck! I hope your doesn't have like volume 1 2 3 ,6, 11, 20 like mine XD i mean why would they get those volumes and not the rest -_- and if your library doesn't have any if you have a comic book store near you they should sell a lot of manga books.
    I feel silly now I forgot i could find the manga online XD I just hate reading online i like the feel of the book in my hands. :P
    Yea i actually finished watching the last episode a couple of days ago it was awesome but i really want to know more. :S But it's one of my new favorite anime.
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