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  • Yeah. Cry of Fear is free but you need Steam and Half Life to play (make sure it's Half Life cause it won't work with half life 2)

    If you don't have Steam you can download it here. After that, just go on steam and buy Half Life here (it's only $10 and it's a fun game in itself). Then just download Cry of Fear here through the mirror download. It use these instructions before you start downloading Cry of Fear.

    And once you have it, make sure to update before anything else.
    I think everyone can get it since it was made by ruMpel. I'm pretty sure in fact cause it gave me the option to choose it when I started the game up the first time.
    I still need to watch both though.

    Actually I got into Cry after watching him and PewDiePie play Cry of Fear co-op together which was quite funny. I recently watched Cry play Slender. I was laughing my *** off! He reacted the exact same way I did. It was great.

    And PewDiePie just put out a Cry of Fear custom map LP so I need to go watch that :lol:
    I haven't actually seen that one. I think he got into it cause of Cry though, cause cry played it a little while ago.
    I doubt Wind Waker. He likes to keep his LP's fairly short so I'm not sure he'd do it. But it would be cool to see.

    I can see him doing Twilight Princess or Majora's Mask IMO
    I can't say this is my first time... I'd say... this about my 9000th RP I've been in, lol.

    Glad you are enjoying your time in, RP to say the least. I hope I'll see you in other RPs as they continue to arise. lol. I sound funny...
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