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    Spoiler How exactly did Link stop Ganondorf in OoT?

    According to the Hyrule Historia Timeline, Ganondorf was executed by the sages in the child timeline. The sages kill Ganondorf before he gets any of the Spiritual Stones, and when the execution fails, he's cast into the Twilight Realm, as explained in Twilight Princess, which is part of the...
  2. Master Sword13

    Nintendo Does Something New for Once.

    I've known of this for a while now, and I still am not going to get it. I'm fine with the regular Pokemon Games (not that I have anything against Rumble and that stuff,) but I'm not that much into the turn-based-action of Mystery Dungeon and Nobunaga's Ambition.
  3. Master Sword13

    Your First Pokemon

    I was seven or eight, and a random kid left his old Gameboy and Pokemon Crystal Version at my house. So, of course, I deleted his file and made my own. He never came for the game or gameboy, and I played that like there was no tomorrow. I love playing through SoulSilver and reliving moments of...
  4. Master Sword13

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but then half the population of Earth dies because they aren't warned. I wish I had a sonic screwdriver.
  5. Master Sword13

    General Art Third Hunger Games Fanfic

    Those were definitely cliffhangers, Myriad. I just caught up, and I have to say, amazing job!
  6. Master Sword13

    General Art Hunger Games: XII

    Just unnamed characters. There are 7 named, which means that there are only 4 unclaimed characters still in the Arena.
  7. Master Sword13

    General Art Hunger Games: XII

    You put Erak's weapon as a Halberd (I think that's what it's called) so I gave him a bow as an excuse to make him look sucky. And while I do feel bad for the girl, she was unclaimed. So my feelings for her are decreased by 3/4.
  8. Master Sword13

    General Art Hunger Games: XII

    I know it's been SUCH A LONG TIME since I've posted for XII, but I've been busy and just plain lazy. I sincerely apologize, and come back with the first chapter of Part 2: THE GAMES. PART 2: THE GAMES Chapter : 9 Mare Blackpoint I stood there, continuously repeating Leo’s last words to...
  9. Master Sword13

    Misnaming Enemies/Bosses

    Before I saw guides and walkthroughs telling specific names, I called every enemy whatever word came to mind. I called the helmasaurs in TP rhinos, I don't even remember the rest of the insane names...
  10. Master Sword13

    General Art Third Hunger Games Fanfic

    Ok, I'm finally caught up. I LOVED THEM. Everything is being revealed and it's just wonderful! Nice job, Myriad.
  11. Master Sword13

    Ghirahim's Master

    Just to keep this thread on-topic for the people that actually came to read about Ghirahim's possible master, I think it's Malladus. If Ghirahim's title is DEMON LORD, then it'd definitely point to his master being a DEMON KING, which, as players of ST know, is Malladus. So, everything for me...
  12. Master Sword13

    General Art Third Hunger Games Fanfic

    That was just INCREDIBLE. The awesomeness? Wow. I can't even describe how awesome that was.
  13. Master Sword13

    MS13's Sigs and Avys

    I've done a new Avatar, this time. I made it simple, just for simplicity's sake, and I wanted to include the Triforce as the main theme just because of SS coming soon.
  14. Master Sword13

    What Is Your Signature Pokemon?

    My signature Pokemon in the games would have to be Serperior, just because he was my first legitimate starter Pokemon. Outside of Black/White, though, I would say Snivy. I even use a Snivy named Leif in my Flipnotes.
  15. Master Sword13

    General Art Third Hunger Games Fanfic

    I can't wait for the rest!!! THE PLOT THICKENS!!! Keep it up, myriad!
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