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Master Sword13
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    Its kay. lol (30 character limit sucks)
    Hey mastersword, whats up? My friend is making an acoount, and would you give him a warm welcome and possibly friend him? He might make it green-eyed-beast, but if he doesn't, Ill tell you.
    No offense but when do u think it will be done? Yes, i know i'm impatient.
    Nice chapter MS13 :nod: You make me want to know what the thing under his shirt is. When will you reveal it?
    Zodiac Spear i believe.
    I just remembered too.
    Graphics: Vann ,that ultimate weapon(i forget the name)
    Size: Default
    Text: Never Quit It Till You Win It!
    Other: Maybe show Vaan holding the ultimate weapon and slashing at a Judge
    Hey MS13! I saw your next chapter, and I do think that making a site would be a good idea. And I'm happy to contribute art for you. ;)
    For anyone interested, Chapter 5 of my Hunger Games fan-fic, XII, is now up. If you read this, HUGE thanks for waiting. I've been busy lately. Anyways, enjoy!
    So... For anyone who sees this... I posted another Fan-Fic in the Fan Works Writing section. Read it if you like. A mini-site with possible official art and official music will hopefully be up soon.
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