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Master Makar
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    :DHe' makar ;> wts going on here?
    Actually, I got back from Indiana the day you posted that on my Profile. But I didn't get back until 9:00 or something. So you probably posted that before I got home. And you know, I could have gone on ZD while I was there. But the Internet is really slow out in the country.:zora:
    Hey hero of time, idon't think that there isany need to call it zelda wii anymore. it's called skyward sword. It looks fun, but it has pretty bad graphics. guess theyre not the worst in the world, though.
    Hey, link v, funny avatar, I like it! It IS kind of strange, though. Mine's kind of boring. It's just a simple tp style picture of prince ralis.
    Hi Master Makar well it is nice to meet you I am from the group Wind waker when you join I haven't see you posting a lot I was just wondering
    Master Makar, I'm going to guess really funny. I've tried doing it before, and, well.......Let's just say that it looks a little different.
    If you vote that the forums should be seperated by individual games, say :(. If you think it should stay like it is, say :). They just changed it to seperation into little catagories, like on the go,and modern, and classic.
    Hey, thath was pretty random but OK I have:
    LoZ, AoL, ALttP, OoT, MM, WW, MC, TP, PH, ST and I plan to get ZW the day it comes out.
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