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    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    Excellent finale guys. Man, I feel so empty now that I know it's over. It's really over... Gawd, I reaaaaaaally need more Avatar episodes. With Korra or maybe even the new Earthbender Avatar as a new series, though I think it will never happen. Loved every bit of the finale. The fights were...
  2. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda Was There an Area in a Game That Made You Quit Playing?

    Guess it's a cliché to say the Water Temple. But I actually had problems finding the Kokiri Sword when I first played the game. I was 4, couldn't ready English, we didn't have the internet for walkthroughs and it was the first time playing Zelda. Man, the game was hard then :P.
  3. Mask-Salesman

    Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens Megathread (for news related discussions)

    Just found this picture and remembered this forum. Though it would be fitting
  4. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    YES! YES!!! WHAT AN AWESOME EPISODE!!! Oh man, this was a 20 min rollercoaster ride! I absolutely loved this episode from the beginning untill the end. It was amazing that Toph joined forces with the rescue crew to save Sue and her family! The tension between Beifong and Toph was great, I loved...
  5. Mask-Salesman

    MM-3DS If MM Were to Add Any New Masks, What Would You Want to See?

    I'd love a new transformation mask more then anything, but I don't know in what one should transform in the MM universe. There are other races in the Zelda lore offcourse, but they don't appear in MM. Maybe a Time Mask, which gives the ability to reverse, stop and speed up time? Reversing would...
  6. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda What is Your Most Hated Zelda Misconception?

    That it's a kiddy game full of colours with no depth or difficulty. I really had to defend the series at various occasions in my life against some ''badass'' Call of Duty/FIFA players. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy FIFA as much as any one, but the Zelda series will always be special to me. And it...
  7. Mask-Salesman

    Marvel or DC?

    God, that's hard. Depends on so many factors. My all time favorite must be Batman, from DC. The fact that he's ''just'' human but still manages to be one of the most awesome superheroes stands for itself. The DC animated movies are also always very awesome, like the Flashpoint Paradox or Under...
  8. Mask-Salesman

    Really Depressing Songs

    It's not actually a song in the meaning that it has actual lyrics, but I'd still say it's okay for this topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPLdULCbjFI
  9. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda Top 10 Shocking Behaviors of the Hero of Time

    Lol, some of those things kinda blew my mind. I've completed MM more then 6-7 times, but it's awesome how some things can still amaze you. Trying on the Bremen mask when fight the henchman of Igos Du Ikana?! Lol? I really never knew about that. But then again, it was this same forum that blew...
  10. Mask-Salesman

    What Are Rupees Made Of

    I always thought it was some kind of glass, concidering how easy they are to smash and how they explode in tiny little pieces. The reason I always thought this was because of the shooting range in OoT with the slingshot and bow. However, it would be very logical if that dude used fake rupees...
  11. Mask-Salesman

    Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens Megathread (for news related discussions)

    But how could one sabre be stronger than the other? Like when one sabre can 'cut through' the other sabre's beam? Because a longer or thicker beam doesn't mean it's more powerfull, it's personal to the Jedi/Sith that uses it. Anyway, I can't repeat enough I find the new sabre awesome. I got...
  12. Mask-Salesman

    Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens Megathread (for news related discussions)

    Why would the new sabre be impractical?
  13. Mask-Salesman

    Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance

    Awesome episode in my opinion, definetly 8/10. It really seemed fitting that Korra spoke with Zaheer for closure of her problems. I do hope that she finally is back to her original self now, so she can finally go kick some Earth Empire ***. I was kinda disappointed that Toph didn't take down...
  14. Mask-Salesman

    Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens Megathread (for news related discussions)

    I don't really see why the original trilogy is so much better then the new movies. I liked them both, but they're just different. The storytelling in the original movies was superb, but I really love me some good CGI action, like in the newer films. I'm really looking forward to the new movies...
  15. Mask-Salesman

    General Zelda Zelda Video Thread

    @ Djinn Lol, long time since I've seen that MM one. It's so creepy xD. "Three days little village" I always found 'The Real Legend of Zelda' animated series to be pretty funny, especially when I was younger. I used to spend hours on Newgrounds just to look at animated videos. They had a lot...
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