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    Twilight Princess TP Is, to Me, the Best Game on the Wii, and the Best Zelda Game. Your Thoughts?

    The reason I said "wii game" is because I think there are better gamecube games. I am very aware of it originally being for Gamecube :)
  2. Mamfi1908

    Twilight Princess TP Is, to Me, the Best Game on the Wii, and the Best Zelda Game. Your Thoughts?

    That is all I have to say. I just played through it again. The erie atmosphere is of the best and most immersive in gaming history, only topped by games like Dark Souls and Demon Souls. The music is absolutely amazing (as expected from a Zelda-title), it suits the atmosphere perfectly. The...
  3. Mamfi1908

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Maybe on every game page the background could be themed to the game? Like a wallpaper of Skyloft in the back of the SS game page for example? To give it a fresh look?
  4. Mamfi1908

    Why is It Called a Stamina Fruit?

    I'm just poking on some weird stuff in SS that i wonder about... So yeah.. Why is it called a stamina "fruit"? it grows on the ground or on walls or vines... Isn't a "fruit" something that grows on trees? I guess it's a stamina "vegetable". because they grow in fields and such.. or most likely...
  5. Mamfi1908

    (This is Just for Fun! It Was Never Confirmed) Naming Links Rival

    I would call him Zelda or something :D "And ZELDA! No messing around in the sky!" or something like that xD I would die from laughter before the game even started xD
  6. Mamfi1908

    Not Reading SS Articles

    It has been scientifically proven that spoilers make you want to read a book even more. I don't know if it applies to games as well, but I'm reading mostly everything about SS on the front page, I try to avoid major plot elements. if I were to do what you do, I would at least read the title of...
  7. Mamfi1908

    How Many Dungeons?

    Hello ZD folks! http://www.zeldadungeon.net/2011/10/skyward-sword-new-item-usage-footage/ watch the video first. or not. As you can see when link opens his item menu, all the slots are filled. Which means these are all the Dungeon items you get: -Gust jar -Bow -Bombs -Beetle upgrade -Bug net...
  8. Mamfi1908

    Spoiler I'll Try to Make This Unbiased - Pro's and Con's That I Already Notice

    the bird replaces Epona. there is no way to pull off motion controls on the ds or 3ds. link and the bird look wierd? well, I'll let that slide. but "meant for children"? really? and by the way, you said it was fresh and then you complain about the upgrade system? that's one of the things...
  9. Mamfi1908

    Spoiler New SS Creature, What Could It Be?

    http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/showthread.php?24114-Skyward-Sword-Aquatic-Race-and-Possible-Water-Temple!!!!-XD here is an other one. :p IF SOMEONE CAN READ/TRANSLATE JAPANESE, PLEASE TELL ME :D I would love to know more about that thing as well... :D
  10. Mamfi1908

    Fall to Your Death?

    Could you show me where you got this info? thanks :D
  11. Mamfi1908

    Fall to Your Death?

    I was thinking. In order to call the Loftwing when in free fall you would have to press the down button on the D-pad or something, right? So what do you think would happen if you didn't call it and just fell? I can think of three possibilities. 1. The screen turns black and you spawn back on...
  12. Mamfi1908

    So Instead of Finding Sages Were Finding Guardians of Hyrule??

    It's a big possibility. Though i see very little resemblance between the Kikwi leader and the Deku tree aside from the mustache. The Kikwi sorta reminds me of overweight penguins with masks. BUT! they might have something to do with the Koroks from WW, they remind me of them in a strange way...
  13. Mamfi1908

    Spoiler Sealed Grounds

    Are you completely sure? :)..............
  14. Mamfi1908

    Spoiler Sealed Grounds

    but some statement says that Phi (or Fi) will lead you to the goddess sword.
  15. Mamfi1908

    Cat Monsters

    "Enemies such as bats, slimes or cats are found in Skyloft at night" CATS?! REALLY? This is gonna be wierd. Imagine slicing up small kittens at night... disturbing much? :S Is this one of them? That's a scary cat... o_o Can you even call it a cat? what do you think of killing cats...
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