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  • Makar!!! :D Yaaaaay! Wowzers I havent seen ya in a while.

    (BTW, replayin WW and I'm at the Wind Temple. :lol: This is my 3rd or 4th time playin the game and I JUST now noticed that Fado's a Kokiri. Epic Fail)
    Hmm... Do you think that you could make me something with an autumn forest theme? Kind of like the background that I have now, but, of course, different? Oh, and if you can make the size a little bit longer than yours?
    Wow, you made that? It looks great!

    Sure, I would love one. ^^ Do you have a request form? Or a thread?
    Woah...I love the background for your profile! If you don't mind my asking, where did you find it?
    I find this strange. Medli claims to be 10 times the sage you are, yet you talk quite often, it seems. :P What's with you, Medli and Komali anyway? You all have names having to do with the Wind Waker. What's even stranger is that you and Medli talk. XD
    Hmm, the helmaroc king was one of the funnest for me. i liked battling gohma too, and the guy in tog.
    No problem. *Sigh* but now users are gonna look at me an be like UGGH we cant trust this chick. And im gonna look awful....meh. anyways, I kinda liked the forest haven and dragon roost. They were both relaxing. But whats funny is I quit playing the first time I played WW when I got to the forest haven for 2 yrs because I couldnt beat it. Then I got a walkthrough and beat the entire game. Then I played it again on my own and beat both DR and FH in a day. xD I beat FH in half an hour..
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