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  1. Majora's Wrath

    Where Will Zelda Go from Here?

    these are some great ideas guys i too want to get rid of motion controls and i want to see the return of the ganon story sometime but i like new villian ideas as well
  2. Majora's Wrath

    Where Will Zelda Go from Here?

    there brains might explode from all the new tech everywhere :P but that could be interesting
  3. Majora's Wrath

    Where Will Zelda Go from Here?

    Now that The Legend of Zelda has out done themselves two times now (OOT and SS) i want to know what you think about where the Legend is going.
  4. Majora's Wrath

    Majora's Mask Favorite Mask

    Kamaro's mask hands down,when else do you link dance..really?
  5. Majora's Wrath

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask Theory

    End...of....the...world....nuff said
  6. Majora's Wrath

    Ocarina of Time Just a Little Mistake with the Bow I Noticed.

    maybe they shoot arrows differntly in Hyrule?
  7. Majora's Wrath

    Majora's Return

    it would be kool but it would kinda lose the magic of him in MM
  8. Majora's Wrath

    What Zelda Town Would You Live In?

    maybe clock town,goron city Oot,or maybe the hidden village from TP?
  9. Majora's Wrath

    Zelda Villians

    Hey guys girls or others i have been thinking about the villians of zelda and i ask this Question....if you where a zelda villian what would your motivation be? :suspicious:
  10. Majora's Wrath

    Random Poll: Favorite Dragon/Dinosaur-Like Boss

    if the dark dragon is the one im thinking of its gen onox right? if so i loved fighting that one hes massive!
  11. Majora's Wrath

    Life in Hyrule

    i would be a Kokiri i mean come on who wouldnt want to be a kid forever right?
  12. Majora's Wrath

    Top 10 Best 2D Zelda Bosses Votes

    Um the first 2 arent 2D they are 3D
  13. Majora's Wrath

    Most Fun Item from Zelda

    i like messing with the Ocarina and the boomarang they are just fun to mess with.
  14. Majora's Wrath

    Favorite Zelda Logo?

    Like the Majora's Mask one the Twilight Princess one and the Four Swords one....oh and the oracle of seasons
  15. Majora's Wrath

    Top 10 Best 2D Zelda Bosses Suggestions/Nominations

    Phantom Ganon Twin mold Vaati Zant Majora Ganondorf(tp) Onox Malludus Goht Ganon(ALTTP)
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