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Hi, I'm Magolor04726, but please, call me Mags. I am a devout Christian and lover of Nintendo. And LEGOs. And books. And penguins who carry around hammers. Nice to meet you!

Check out my drawings here. And of course, my 'Shroom section, World of Plight.

"Now, I know this may all seem weird, the world is falling to pieces, viruses are spreading through the streets, but everything will make sense when Jesus comes back. In the meantime, you may ask me, "WHY? Why do you do the things you do in such a weird way?" Because, dear friend, Normal is Boring. And to those who believe otherwise, there is no such thing as Normal."

I suppose that about raps this up.

Till next time, Magolor04726, King of Writing.
Jul 26, 2004 (Age: 16)
Everywhere, Nowhere, the back of your mind.
Favourite Zelda Title
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Creationary Studios


What's with all the weird looks? Fine. Let me explain everything... (This is actually a link... find out where it goes)



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