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Reading Edger allen poe poems and playing the electric guitar.
Nov 18, 1998 (Age: 22)
The foribbiden relm
Doomsday device


"A riddle is no more than a trap for small minds baited with the promise of understanding." ~ James Ryman Click here to join the Sherlock Holmes fan club--> http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/groups/1347-sherlock+holmes+fan+club/~magiclink Dont forget to click my spoiler below
Please join HASA, Hyrule Awesome Space Association, and help poor gossip stones to them achieve their life-long dream of space travel by giving them just one bomb every time you see them. The only reason they have a tear on them is because they are crying, stuck to the earth, forced to tell the time. If you give these poor "creatures" one bomb they will be free from the clutches of gravity. Thank you for listening. If you feel the same, copy this into your sig.
Slendy Style
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