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  • Oh I cannot just dismiss those beautiful puppy eyes. Of course you can. I only added your character like that because I thought you wouldn't even be here to sign up. But yeah, I will edit that in the profile or you can do it yourself by posting your data. And if you don't like the mug I assigned her, I can sprite you one to your liking.

    All those classes? I didn't take any of that, I wasn't that smart and I never cared. :P But you, it seems to me like I am talking to some genius. Calculus, really? I did enjoy Art, though, it was one of my favorite classes.

    And thankgoodness you didn't notice the big mistake. Oh, I feel so relieved atm, that mistake froze me when I noticed it, it was one of those mistakes that ruins the whole story. Okay, so maybe it was me who made it a big deal, I will let you know what it is. I messed up with the timeline, but I will hopefully correct that with the upcoming chapters. I was going to quit it when I read the mistake, but then I thought...naw, I am already way to far to do that. Just tell me something...as a reader of that story, are you really enjoying it that you wish to see the ending? Or do you just read it out of boredom? I've noticed it gets lots of reads, that is also what made me go back and correct the mistake. But anyway...yeah, it's always good to talk to you. ^^
    Lol, haha. Of course I will be finishing it, silly. :P Oh, and I haven't forgotten about Saga's story, I will be finishing that one as well, I just haven't been eager to post the next part. I have it ready, but I got to involved with this new project. It'll be up sometime soon. I don't know what you think about the story, but I sorta messed something up long ago and was curious whether you found that out...did you? Lol
    Congrats Maggie. I know, whenever you scan a drawing the resolution tends to fade out. That is why I don't draw and scan anymore, because I just have a hard time getting the picture to show, even if I use a strong pencil for the drawing. I'll just stick to paint for whatever drawings I make. :P So, how have you been? School keeping you busy like everyone else, eh? Haha, I know the feeling. :P

    Btw, did you know I made another story sign up? It's for a story featuring the Fire Emblem Series. Have you played those games before? I signed your character in by default because I did not want you to miss out, but feel free to submit a character of your choosing if you want to. ~Ats
    Sculpley clay, huh? I will look for that whenever I go to the city. Really? You'd attempt to make someone from the story? Go ahead, show me what you can do, make any of the characters that you want. I'd like to see you make Magatha, though, she's your character after all. ^^

    When I get the clay, if I ever do, lol, perhaps you can give me some tips.
    I saw your clay art, that was fantastic! I'm thinking about buying some clay and make Saga and other story figures. It's not such a bad idea, thanks for inspiring me. ^^
    Merry Christmas, Maggie.

    Oh, btw, I don't remember if I sent you a pic of Magatha. Here she is in case I didn't. I hope you like this new one, I surely do.

    Whenever you post your pic, if you want to, I can remake her using your own picture. By being like Saga, what do you mean? More evil looking?
    I've only seen you a few times, so yeah, I was wondering why you were not that active lately. Thank you for reading the story, Magatha, I appreciate your support, I really do. ^^ I hope I haven't let you down with your character so far. Do you know I also drew her? I will pm you with a link to her in case you have not seen it. Oh, and yeah, expect Magatha to appear later in the story as well. ;)

    Yeah, school is part of the reason why people don't come here at times, and I truly understand that, I myself went through that last year. Still, I hope you find time to do the stuff you like. And thank you for responding. ~Atsuma
    And yes, Magatha, you are very right. School takes all your time, but in the end is very worth it.

    Keep studying and getting A+, one day you will know how worthy it really was attending school. :)
    Oh! Magatha! Maggie!!! What a pleasant surprise!!! :) *Hugs* Hey, there, how is it going? It's so dang good to see you!

    Yes, I am back, and glad that I am. I missed this place a lot, and yes, I missed you too, I know how you have supported my story.

    I guess I can go ahead and let you know that the story is finished, but I will be posting the updates every other day. I hope you like what
    I wrote, and yes, Magatha still has much story for her.

    Take care now, talk to me whenever you feel the need. ~Atsie
    today i was walking around, being bored, and than remembered when i first came to zelda dungeon...
    you where the first one who greeted me, and helped me, and....i just wanted to thank you for that. for all the times you helped me out when i felt clueless to anything around here...
    well, i just wanted to thank you for that, because without you, i might not be where i am here today, with all the good friends i made here...
    just thought id say that to make your day, a little. :)
    and you can be sure that if i still need something, ill ask you.
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