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    Skills developed irl due to Zelda games

  2. mαrkαsscoρ

    Digital Foundry vs gameXplain - which do you prefer?

    I don't watch digital foundry and I don't like half the dudes on gamexplain, so I guess I lose
  3. mαrkαsscoρ

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I did that thing where I look at ebay listing of old games I missed out on and passively bid in an off shoot chance I win at just 1 bid I won Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story...
  4. mαrkαsscoρ

    Never Played (insert name)

    four swords adventures can be done single player
  5. mαrkαsscoρ

    Never Played (insert name)

    I never played the DS games as I never had one when I was younger, when I got my 3ds they were definitely on my radar, but time passed and my interest in trying them faded out [plus I heard they weren't that good, phantom hourglass at least], I'm still up for trying spirit tracks at some point...
  6. mαrkαsscoρ

    Do you guys mod your systems?

    I've done it for my Wii and PSP and maybe at some point for my 3ds if I'm feeling it. I started w/ my Wii that wasn't able to read discs, and this was when the Wii U was out so support for the Wii was about done, so I just gave that a shot. I'll just say if I hadn't done so, I wouldn't have been...
  7. mαrkαsscoρ

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    jesus christ I flippin hate shadows of valentia
  8. mαrkαsscoρ

    What are your Zelda quirks?

    if my wooden shield burns in twilight princess, I do not buy another shield until.....I don't know, something in wind waker, whenever you get a heart piece after beating a boss, if you jump in any direction while L targeting to get the heart, it stops link mid animation and just zooms in on...
  9. mαrkαsscoρ

    What made you sad today?

    reading the responses to this thread...
  10. mαrkαsscoρ

    Favorite Boss Music?

    oi, ima try to limit it to one per franchise b/c es gon b a lot otherwise, also to games that have a general boss theme and not bosses that have their own ok, I gotta stop at some point
  11. mαrkαsscoρ

    Random Theories About Different Series

    everybody hates chris and full house take place in the same universe
  12. mαrkαsscoρ

    The Julius Game - Pokémon

  13. mαrkαsscoρ

    Best Ocarina of Time Melody

    out of these, either song of storms or song of time love that they're both in majora's mask too
  14. mαrkαsscoρ

    Rate the Last Game That You Played

    Grand Theft Auto V was a really fun game, ending was kinda anti-climactic compared to other gta final missions, but even so I had a blast throughout and its probably among my favorites, I do wish they never got rid of the pay n spray though
  15. mαrkαsscoρ

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I've been on these super nintendo games way more than I thought I would be; I really wanna play super metroid since I haven't done so before, but there's a few games I wanna get out of the way first also I've been considering replaying xenogears and the xenosaga trilogy before xenoblade hd...
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