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  • Um... All I see is a little box with a red "x". Try uploading it to image shack and try again. That should work.
    I could draw it, it just wouldn't be very good. :)
    And I thought about making an account at DeviantArt once, but I decided against it.
    Thinking of something to draw. I've already made a drawing of Link fighting Ghirahim. Now I'm out of ideas.
    Indeed it is! I was lurking here for a few months before I joined. If I hadn't, I probably would've never heard about E3, and I would've missed out on so much stuff. This place is the best Zelda fansite I've been to so far. It truely is a great place. :)

    So, what's up?
    I see you're new here! Welcome! :) I'm Azure, nice to meet you! You seem to be enjoying yourself here so far! And that's good. I hope to see some great posts from you!
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