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  • Thank you! And your neighbor had a loose goat? Wow. Considering where I live, that sounds pretty random! :lol:
    Here it is!

    That's cool! I've got a good reputation for drawing with my friends too. But not the faculty; I'm definately not THAT good :bleh:
    Well, maybe one teacher. He recruited mre to draw the last page for my school's yearbook this year because he saw m doodling a picture of Link during class. He thought it was good and asked if I wanted to do work for the yearbook. So I said yes. And so I did.
    I see. It's not so much anatomy that I have trouble with, it's more body proportion. That always gets me. Especially when I freehand something.
    Thanks! That was harder for me to draw than you'd think... mainly because I have trouble with anatomy.
    That's cool. I'd like to see them! Also, I made a cool parody of Majora's Mask in the form of a comic... Have you ever played MM?
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