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  • Well, every picture I see about Phantom, his hand always cover mostly the hat. I can't find a picture of his hat alone, but I did found one in deviantart. I'm going to try and ask permission for the picture.
    I'm having a hard time finding the hat alone. Do you have a picture that maybe you wanted to use?
    Just thought about it. In Oblivion IV there is a stone called the Sigil stone, so I thought of something that rhymed with that. My created stone has nothing to do with Oblivion's own, though. Oblivion's stone just regenerates your magic, I think, and the stone for my story has the power to resurrect someone.
    Hi Lukémon! I want to ask you what length do you want the graphics to be? Like for example, Width and Height=400x150. Something like that..
    I'll surely subscribe, but do let me know when you start, because I tend to be so busy.

    Oh yeah, did I mention I am working on a short story that I will post here? I am, and you should check out a thread that I will post in a few minutes. I took the liberty of adding Tyson Arrant. Remember him?
    That's kool, Lukee. I wish you the best of luck in all your projects. I'm sorry I couldn't help you out, but I will surely support you all the way. :)
    I wonder who your guests would be and what you'd have them do.

    There's plenty of peeps here that can help you out with what you want, just make a thread or something so they can know.
    Hey, Lukee, how is it going? Nice to hear from you.

    That's awesome, Lukee. I can't wait to see your youtube stuff. And to reply to your questions; well I used to be good at art, but not anymore. You see, this pc that I have has a different paint program, not the one I had in my old computer. I really can't use this program because I can't adapt to it, but I am sure there is someone here who can help you out with the art and stuff. And as to the tunes...Well I know how to make music vids using WMM (Windows Movie Maker) but I don't know if all you'd want is the music with some art and stuff. Is that what you'd want?
    Heya, Ranike, how is it going?

    Haha, Ranike is your character's name, but I still remember you, Lukee. XD
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