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  • Sounds cool, Lukee. Is your channel up already?

    And alright, for you I will leave the profile open, so you can leave vms.
    Sounds awesome, Lukee. Haha, and Linkynerd is a girl, not a guy. :) Glad I am that she could help you out.

    You'll be alright. I am sure you'll know what to do with WMM once you start playing with it; it's not that hard to understand.
    Your welcome. I'll take a look when you make them. I wish I could if invited, but I don't have a microphone headset.
    Here you go!

    Yep, I can't wait to see what you and your friends come up with.

    In the next chapter Tyson Arrant will show up. XD Just giving you a heads up, friend.
    Your so welcome. I'm glad you like it.^^ Make sure to credit Meistery from DA for the Phantom R hat artwork.
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