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    How do you feel about Link and Zelda appearing in an Indie game?

    This is absolutely, very very cool. Indie Developers get tons of exposure and sales because it uses Nintendo IP Nintendo gets an exclusive game using their IP, without using a cent of development cost or resources on their part(and likely make royalties as well) Fans get more games set in...
  2. Lozjam

    Switch 2019 better than 2018?

    They are running out of Wii U ports as well. I expect 2019 and 2020 to be quite strong considering that we have all of those titles. And, the developers of Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, Mariokart/ARMS, would have plenty of time to make games for them. I even think that a new...
  3. Lozjam

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has sold over 10 million copies, is the best selling Zelda Game

    With the financial meeting today, we learned an excellent tidbit. https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/finance/software/index.html The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has sold over 8.48 Million units on the Switch. Which, wooo boy, that is an accomplishment within itself. However, the story...
  4. Lozjam

    What Other Games Should be Remade for 3DS?

    Mario and Luigi: Dream team. ;)
  5. Lozjam

    Would you like to see the dark side of Hyrule?

    You are absolutely wrong. Zelda was based on Western Style adventure stories. Hell, the name Zelda actually came from Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of a very famous American author.
  6. Lozjam

    A 2D Zelda Switch

    So, now that I see a bright and shiny new board for a Zelda Switch, I see people are very excited for the successor to BotW. However, I think we should hold the reins back just a bit. At the very most optimistic timeframe, we won’t see a successor until at least 2020. But I think we may see...
  7. Lozjam

    Nintendo want to support Switch for 7-10 years

    Just like how the Vita stomped down the 3DS to the ground right? Or even just like how Sony and Microsoft are stomping down Nintendo so they have bad sales, despite the Nintendo Switch already selling over 14 million units. Whatever Sony and Microsoft do, they will not be able to compete with...
  8. Lozjam

    What DS/3DS Games Should Be Ported to Switch?

    They literally just took and uprezzed the textures, and lighting also, in modern gaming, is not hard to implement. Let's take for example, Wind Waker HD. 3DS and GameCube have a very, very similar power level, so it is apt for discussion. Wind Waker HD only took 6 months, and it was a complete...
  9. Lozjam

    What DS/3DS Games Should Be Ported to Switch?

    Particularly for 3DS, it does not take much work at all to get them to HD. Most developers actually use High Quality Models and textures, and then down scales them for the 3DS. For example, when Ocarina of Time 3D is uprezzed via an emulator: *Starts at 2:30 It looks pretty good, and this is...
  10. Lozjam

    Best Video Game Soundtrack

    Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Still has the best soundtrack of all time.
  11. Lozjam

    Ever bought a console just for one game?

    In what way is the Switch version remotely the worse version? It actually is objectively better than the Wii U version(I say this as someone who didn’t have a Switch until May, and played BotW all the way through on Wii U first). The Switch version has: A higher resolution(900p versus 720p) A...
  12. Lozjam

    What DS/3DS Games Should Be Ported to Switch?

    What if these ports didn’t take away any resources at all from the original games? If anything, remakes and ports fund new original experiences. For example, The World Ends With You could potentially get a brand new sequel if the Switch remake does well enough. And ports take minimal effort to...
  13. Lozjam

    What DS/3DS Games Should Be Ported to Switch?

    I would love to see a good deal of 3DS games come to Switch: First off, A Link Between Worlds will probably come, and it will be total hotness. Nintendo has reached out to journalists and actually asked them to add an addendum to their reviews. Kid Icarus Uprising, with both Gyro and twin...
  14. Lozjam

    The Nintendo Direct News And Discussion Thread

    You and Spirit do not at all sum up "how most Nintendo fans feel". Not one bit. If you are looking for proof, just look on Twitter. This is quite like saying that Doom or Skyrim wouldn't sell on the Switch..... Which they did. They all sold very well. Because Switch didn't sell its console to...
  15. Lozjam

    Wii Switched them up for U

    People didn't buy Wii U games because the Wii U was a badly misunderstood console with terrible marketing and an identity crisis. People buy Wii U Switch games because the Switch solves a fundamental problems a lot of busy gamers have, and all titles have the extra function of portability. They...
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