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  • Probley about 5 months, but 3.5 months were spent with a lost Ipod(Which Is what I used to play it) Another month was spent grounded, and then I restarted because I had no Idea where I was, so it ends up looking something like this:
    1-2 weeks playing> 3 and a half months without Ipod>grounded for one month>restart.1-2 weeks playing.
    I'm on the last case. The defendant is Vera Misham (In the past: Zak Gramarye) And the victim is Drew Mishim(in the Past: Magnifi Gramarye)
    Finally got rid of Alba. I beat the game and have nothing to do ._.
    EDIT: Just noticed something. The fourth case of the AA:I Took place 12 days ago, according to the wiki, lawl.
    The directer scares me. Not only does he freaking talk in leet speak (is that even possible?) But Just look at him. Would you ever leave your kids with him?They would need counciling for years. And he even misuses Leet speak..ROFS. (Quote: (ROFS? Rolling on the Floor... Starving?))
    I have never used a walkthough on any game though. besides once. I didn't know in AA: case 3 that yo had to go to the dressing room to see the director. I wandered around everywhere else ._.
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