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LordFire - King of Fire
RegiFire - King of Fire DECEASED
GLaDOS ~ Clones don't have souls, just so you know. Like twins.

FIRE, a marvelous creation.

You clicked this thinking it had some artwork or something. You thought wrong, I don't like to show-off my non-existent art skills.

But I do post OTHER people's art. Credits to CAPCOM and its Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game.

Game Progress [LoZ]
Ocarina of Time - 97% That last elusive heart piece...
Majora's Mask - 100% I got everything in it a long time ago...
A Link to the Past - 90% I'm just missing a few heart pieces...
Four Swords - 10% I haven't even beaten the game.
Wind Waker - 95% I'm missing a few sculptures...
Phantom Hourglass - 100% Defeated.
Spirit Tracks - 70% I haven't finished it yet, but I am close...
Twilight Princess - 80% You know those heart pieces, right?
Skyward Sword - ?% I have no idea how far I am since I haven't beaten the game yet.

Kill everything and everyone.
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