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  • You should finish Pearl and get Palkia. And I dunno what other Legendaries you get, I think you get Cresselia as well. There are several you get, just beat the game and you'll see. As to me, I will start my SS adventure today. I will trade my shiny starter over to SS so it can be part of that team. ;) I hope you see the vids of my battles when I upload them, I will dedicate them to you, Pokemon comrade. :)
    Indeed you may. Well, I can just about get many of the Pokemon out there, but it's some legendaries that I have trouble getting; legit legendaries, that is. :P

    So, if you can get me any legit legendaries from this list, then I'd trade with you: Cerebi, Mew, or Deoxys.

    Yes, that went rather well. Lets trade using that room from now on. :cool:
    Not at the moment, no. If I wanted a particular Pokemon I think you wouldn't have it. I was in the Union Room, but maybe you went into the Wi-Fi one, so I am making my way over there. Don't leave the room you are in atm. XD
    Yeah, I can get that done now. Go to the Union Room, I think we'll get it done there easier. Remember, Union Room. XD

    Also, I got my shiny starter last night, or should I say early morning? It's a Totodile. :D

    Oh, and Nerdy, take an extra pokemon so that I can also give you that Umbreon. ;)
    I don't know if you can, but so long as you enjoy the game, that's what matters. Well, I started soft resetting a few minutes ago. I will probably attempt 200 SRs, great if I get lucky, if I don't, then I will go to sleep and try again tomorrow. What shiny starter do you think I will get? Totodile, Cyndaquil, or Chikorita?
    I played PM before on the N64, that was a good game. No, that was a great game, I must say. Coolios, Nerdy, I am glad that you found it. :P You know what I am doing? I actually am trading the most important Pokemon that I have over to my SS game. I am going to start a new game in HG under the alias SAGA or probably Saga with a heart on each side, depends what I decide in the end. I will attempt to get a shiny starter as well, I will probably spend a few hours soft resetting the game this night. Wish me luck, amiga. :cool:
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