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    Thanks! It's always nice to have someone welcome you.
    There is no way you can manually change the color of your username. My name is purple because I am a Hylian Knight, a ranked member. To obtain such rank, you have to meet certain requirements.
    Right now I'm relaxing. I'm eating hot cheetos n reading captain underpants. Later I'll draw the rest of boo mario!:^)
    Yeah I did. Pero tengo tarea y tengo k hacerla. Cuz then my parents will take my phone away!:^[
    hello! Howe is every1 doing? I'm doing great just going to finish on my boo mario drawing. Maybe I'll post it. But Idk. Well see u later!!
    Hello how's every1?:wave: i'm doing awsome just drawing boo mario! Just need the shading part.:^] it's turning out great I think. So see u later:)
    Good morning everyone! Ugh just getting ready for school. Well, how's everyone? I hope great. I'm doing awsome ill see u soon
    hello I'm back!! It's been long since I've login in here. How r all of us doing? I hope u people r doing great! I'm fantastic n I'll see u soon.
    What would you like it to be. Send a message to Mr.Mosley and he'll change it. Or just respond on my profile and I'll get to it.
    Hi there Linknerd09. By the way, you can ask an administrator to change your username. You can look for them at view forum leaders.
    Hi! I'm new 2 this website. this is the best website i've ever seen. it gives u everything u need to complete ur zelda games. I made a mistake on my username. it's suppose 2 b Linknerd09 but i forgot the d. i like being a The Legend of Zelda nerd. And I'm also a Nintendo and Sega nerd. my bros make fun of me 4 being a nerd. Oh well, that's my thing. So, i hope i make lots of new friends. bye
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