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  • No, I don't mind, and nobody else will either. :cool: So feel free to post your works there, Nerdy. I will post my stories and art soon, too, I have just been busy adding so much to that place. Anyway, here is this image that you can use, but if you feel like making an extra one of Hyrule Castle, I can surely use that one for another skin too. Btw, add the name of the site to it. I won't mention it here to you for privacy, but you get a good idea of what that is, right?

    Pues que te diré? Do you have any cool images that you could use for it? The site is mostly like a club house for peeps to hang out. If you could find a nice palace or castle on the sky, that would be cool for a banner background. In fact, lemme search for something like that. Btw, around 10 peeps have joined, so it's not that lonely there. ^^
    Well, personally I always like to just VM you about it and ask first, I'm used to doing such things after all x3

    Image (not faded): http://puu.sh/2u0hB

    Image placement: Right side of the signature

    Background colours: Dark Blue and Dark Purple

    Background type: Similar to this signature http://puu.sh/2u0q8

    Text: Lord Vain

    Text placement: Same as the signature linked to

    Font type: Phantom Lord

    As always take your time and thanks, yeah.
    Cool. If you have time, join us, we might have a lot of fun over there. Plus, your Graphics works could surely benefit my place. Could I possibly request a banner for it?
    Tambien estoy super bien. So, Linky, have you been playing Pokemon lately? I need to catch up with my videos. :cool: Anyway, did I send you a link to my newest site?
    Hmmm, it’s been about a week now, so I’d like to request another signature please x3

    I know I likely know the answer you'll give me, but common courtesy is to ask first, not just gonna randomly post materials on your page and expect you to do something.
    I know I can change it. I just figured I can use it as a joke of some sort lol. Thanks again though!
    Hmmm, I didn't exactly mean that far to the right x3

    Ah, it works regardless though really, so you have my thanks :shinesprite:
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