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  • Lol there's only one girl in Hetalia. XD and I'm not sure...what about L from Death Note? XD sorrry, he's just so awesome. Anyone you can think of to cosplaY as?
    I haven't cosplayed either, first time this year! Looking forward to it :3
    Yeah, our fanbase is pretty big I would say. We have quite a few conventions, in fact, my friends and I are going to be cosplaying as Hetalia characters later this year at our local city. :D There are a lot of shops where we can read manga and things, which shows lots of people buy it and we run into people who share the same interests. Sometimes ^^
    No, I don't have an account. And yeah, you probably will find it funny if you watch Hetalia. =3=
    Angel Beats has a far better story line than Clannad, but it very sad. But so hilarious sometimes.

    Also, hahahahahahaha. Sorry...that's pretty funny XDD
    Do watch Hetalia x3 I love Death Note, I personally loved Clannad, but I'm a 13 year old girl...so XDD Angel Beats is awesome but quite sad so I am not sure if you'll like it or not.
    Shame, I have not watched any of those. My main obsession is Death Note. I love it so much. Also I really love Clannad and Angel Beats. Hetalia is hilarious for short burts and it's actually teaching me history at the same time. :D
    Yep! I love anime x3 So excited because we are travelling south to London and there is a huuuuuge anime store!:D Which animes do you watch?
    Hiya, haven't spoken in a while. I like your profile picture by the way, I love anime eyes :3
    That's not fair D: But lol, me and pop just recorded our Podcast segment, we said "pip pip cheerio" at the end, to ammuse people. XD Listening to it now....we are so British...we talks about cups of tea.
    The "Pip pip cheerio" is from something....a TV show but I forget. Lol, bad teeth? That really is one I didn't know of. Everyone here thinks Americans are either fat or super chirpy...
    Bad teeth? that's a new one. XD I mean the posh, top hat, monocle thing really. And nobody here ever says "Spiffing."
    Lol, sounds about right. XD We're small but awesome :D But stereotypes are...wrong, really. XD
    Nope, around 3.5 to 4 hours kind of thing, depending on the trafic and weather and stuff.
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