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  • DUDE! THAT"S AWESOME I"M LDS TOO!!!! I actually was pretty sure you were LDS when I started watching your vids. But that's really cool.
    Anyway I've started putting that card to good use as well, getting myself the box set of Zelda Manga, and an new Ocarina. Although I had to make up the difference out of pocket... but that's okay. :)
    Also I just watched your Christmas wish list movie, I saw your preview for your video that you were going to make... taking what I saw from that i'm going to assume that you are religious. So what religion to you follow?
    Pretty good. Sweet gravy you had a good haul! I posted a vid in which I showed the world what I got, but I'll just write what I got here so you don't have to bother with the vid:
    A new hoodie
    A long sleeved purple shirt o_O not sure whats with all the clothes but oh well
    Mushroom Shirt (mushroom from mario)
    Couple of cool beanie style hats
    Random Chocoletes
    $30 Amazon gift card :party:
    Madden 13 Wii
    One of those tube like things of chips... a bag of potato chips in effect. o_O
    Pair of new Earphones
    A bottle of rootbeer
    One of my brothers gave me a toy blaster gun....
    And I think that's it.... Oh yeah and a thing of Honey Roasted Peanuts and that's it.
    Well, all I can say is I loved it. It's not perfect (but then, what is?) but it's one of my favourites in the whole franchise. I really hope you do end up liking it and of course, you'll be able to get stuck into the many discussions we have about it on here, lmao.
    Hey LinkIRL. It's going well :)

    How're you? Looking forward tofinally getting your hands on Skyward Sword in a few days?
    It was alright, It wasn't as good as the original three, it was defiantly more childish than the others which is fine it just wasn't for me, I'd recommend it but probably give it a 7.5/10, I think that a problem that could have played a huge part was that I was tired the whole time and was stuffed with... :sick: popcorn.
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