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  1. LinkGoro

    Most Creative Nicknames

    Neither do I. My reason is that I simply like the way Ninty named 'em.
  2. LinkGoro

    Graphic Requests

    Not sure if anyone still makes sigs, but I'll make a request anyway. I'd like a sig with a picture of a ninja, and some big text with ''Xeviour'' (other forum name) and some small text with ''The sexiest ninja of CityMayhem''. So... Yeah.
  3. LinkGoro

    Most Creative Nicknames

    Zeku (Zekrom) Rush (Reshiram) Oh-No (Ho-Oh) Greedy (Grudon) Chu Chu (Pikachu) Luke (Lugia) All gens I think (Mostly 3-5)
  4. LinkGoro

    Minecraft Question

    Oh, thanks! Question awnsered, thread done. Please close the thread.
  5. LinkGoro

    Plazma Burst 2

    ...... So... Do someone want to play it, or?
  6. LinkGoro

    Minecraft Question

    How much Gigabyte does Minecraft take? I'm gonna download it on my Mom/Dad's Mac. Will the Mac.... Be slow?
  7. LinkGoro

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess Memories

    TP was my first Zelda game. I actually haven't owned any Zelda games other than that (In disc). But I have beaten almost every game. TP had an AMAZING hyrule, AWESOME gameplay, and FANTASTIC storyline that was pretty long (yay!) The ONLY place i didn't like was when there was twilight in...
  8. LinkGoro

    The Member Fact Game

    Above Didn't understand the game
  9. LinkGoro

    Creepy Game Glitches or Console SNAFUs You've Experienced

    I was using GameShark on OoT. Know what happened? I turned on a code without knowin', and when I was in the Kokiri Forest, I used the code.. ALL FRIGGIN' BOSSES OF OOT APPEARED!! (I was scared to death)
  10. LinkGoro

    ZeldaDungeon Football Club?

    ... No one finds the interest...huh?..................
  11. LinkGoro

    General Classic Link's Awakening: Need Help in Dungeon 2, Bottle Grotto!

    Check out ZeldaDungeon's walkthrough for Link's Awakening, as I can't help you.
  12. LinkGoro

    SS or Minecraft?

    Here's a choice http://www.minecraftforfree.com But sorry no online because It's cracked. BTW you can play it on cracked servers.
  13. LinkGoro

    Count to 100 Before a Mod Posts

    116. Yayy!!! And I did A_LINK_IN_TIME!!
  14. LinkGoro

    SS or Minecraft?

    Well, a little overreacting. Minecraft is fun! C'mon!
  15. LinkGoro

    SS or Minecraft?

    Maybe I'll take both. I'm pretty exited for SS, but since the limited edition is a double price, I can't afford it. I'll go the smart way and get SS when it hits the shelves in Gamestop and also get a used Wii Motion Pluz. But I also want to hear what other people mean !
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