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    What is your favorite Zelda game, Linkette?
    Hey, sorry for late reply.

    I speak Swedish, French fluently. And a teeny weeny bit Italian, I want to learn it at school, next year.
    Hey Linkette!
    Would you like to be friend with me?
    She changed her username to Lozzy Kate, Linkette.

    ps. She changed it almost two months ago.

    EDIT: I'm not sure who can give you advices, but I think that Arkvoodle can give you some. ;)
    You're welcome! Poland? That's nice! Can you speak Polish (um... ?) ?

    That's cool! Nice prezzie, too.:D
    Oh that sounds like fun, hope you had a wonderful time. I don't really celebrate birthdays because my family doesn't, so yeah, I kind of follow in their footsteps. Not that there is anything wrong...we just don't observe or celebrate stuff like that.
    This profile needs more Atsuma. *Shows up for party*

    Ok, so lets get this b-day party going. *Grabs a piece from Hazel's cake and eats*

    Yummy! Happy birthday, hope you had a good day. ^^
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