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  • "split timeline thing" meaning them being right next to each other and on the child side on many people's split timeline theory
    anyways, my question:

    "This picture on google (
    Oh, well I don't reply to mailbag emails, I only consider them for the video and if I don't use them I ignore them. ;) If you want a direct answer, ask me here.

    Ah, yeah I guess I do. XP That's cool I guess. I had more before but I cleaned out my friend list. :lol:
    Oh. Thanks! That kinda stinks, you know, what with the whole "You have to wait 2 hours before you post again!" stuff! :mad: to that!
    Regarding your multiple post problem, the most likely reason that is is because you have a slow connection and you get impatient and click the submit reply button multiple times. Or you're just clicking the button multiple times.

    The forums have an automatic post merger when it comes to double posts, so it merges the two into one post.
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