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  • hey!! Nothing, just chillin'... As for the bully, i don't know. i mean, probably, considering Nintendo (Aonuma to be precise) mentioned him alot. we'll just have to wait and see.
    hey, Linkanon, i found a pick of the Schoolmate of Link's that's like, the bully.
    hey, guys, sorry this is late, even though you probably dont care about my life. ive decided to stop my weekly blog... so, yeah.
    Hi, everyone. I have decided to do a weekly story about my life every week. But before I type it, here's something pretty important: each Season is 3 months long. starting today, season 1 will go until July 3rd 2011. Well, here's issue #1! Enjoy!

    Linkanon's Life: Series 1: Issue 1

    I go back to school TOMORROW. I'm not to particularly excited, but I guess it IS last quarter, so... 9 more weeks of school, then I'm off for 5 weeks! I can and can't wait until I go back. I'll see my best friends, but I'm also not anticipating all of the work. :( Well, I'm a Poke'mon freak now, I'll just come out and say it. Zelda isn't my only favorite game now. Well, you ll probably don't care about my life anymore, so, I'll stop here. Read and Comment! Oh, btw, isn't my avatar so cute?!?!?!?! X3
    Haha, I'm not a Mod. (well aside from in the game Mafia). I'm what the site calls a Hylian Knight. Basically a member who is consistant in posting and is well known for good posting. You can become a knight too someday by posting well and staying active.
    The skulls are negative reputation. You get them by making bad posts with bad grammar, or for being off topic. You can get back to hearts by making decent posts with good grammar or good points that people like. Depending on rank, how many hearts they have, and how many posts they have, different amounts of points are given/taken away.
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