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  • I have dreamed, literally Rping, and I have with friends, but I have not done a lot of Role play recently. I would definitely like to see your picture! Have you ever played Professor layton games?
    Thanks, I'm glad you think my writing is good! someone also suggested that I go for article writer on ZD, but I don't know.. yeah, I used to a little, but what I used to be reluctant about (I was really young then) I thought that I would be wrecking nintendo's work :lol: that's pretty much why I didn't often write fanfics. Also, that manga sized journal sounds awesome! I have never seen anything like that!
    Thanks! And I'll go check it out. I've been busy, but I will prevail and have Impa save you like a boss!
    It was, wasn't it? However, because it is unrequited love, it'll be total angst soon on Impa's part. Which will be sad to write. :(
    I thought it might help with the whole one-sided romance thing. I mean, come on. It's pretty unintentionally romantic. <3 ;)
    Awesome! I can't wait for everyone to start frequenting on the roleplay. We are already heating up, and it's so great.
    That's my favorite quote from episode four Red Link- " shut up you.... diarrhea(: " Also Ganondorf is such a slut :p
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