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    General Art Behind A Veil of Lies, By Robert Carmoney.

    Bravo, really good I may have struck up a happygasm
  2. Link1017

    Ocarina of Time Just an Idea!??

    It's downloadable but you still gotta use a classic controller I mean remake it and give it like motion plus controls
  3. Link1017

    Ocarina of Time Just an Idea!??

    I agree that's why instead of making a 3Ds version they should have only from made it for Wii.
  4. Link1017

    Ocarina of Time Just an Idea!??

    So I was thinking that instead of making Oot. For the 3Ds they should have redone it like the same way but made it for Wii. So then Nintendo for the 25 Anniversary could have made like a bundle thing of Oot. And Skyward Sword together and sold it for Wii..... besides who wouldn't want to play...
  5. Link1017

    Strangest Zelda Characters

    I agree Tingle is Unusually strange But that Happy mask salesmen well!? I just get a little awkward around him he is always smiling. Like no one smiles that much..he sales mask for a living. He is always asking you to do things. And I think no I'm pretty sure he is bi-polar..he went on a freak...
  6. Link1017

    You as the opposite sex

    Hmm? I'd be a little shorter, black hair, blue eyes, medium sized boobs, a good booty lol, and unbelievably gorgeous....my name would be Klara La-Shay....and I'd probably date my self.....we would be perfect for each other. I would also be an Amazing dancer with the perfect body.
  7. Link1017

    A Social Network??? Maybe

    Haha no it'd still be zelda dungeon but people would be able to say update there status but it wouldn't have all the drama and stupid random statues (such as Facebook)....and I know the downsides of social networks but if everyone uses the network correctly and keep there random problems out of...
  8. Link1017

    A Social Network??? Maybe

    Idk if this is in the right forum but I think it is. My dad made a North Al. Fishing Forums site. Then turned it in to a social network for fishermen only called Fishlife.net when he made fish life he made it much like Facebook and its awesome. Well I was thinking would it be a good idea...
  9. Link1017

    Exterminate a Zelda Charachter

    Id have to agree with all those and the Gibdos from MM since how you can talk to them with the mask...cause they kept wanting things when you had to go down in that water wale
  10. Link1017

    Zelda Kart

    i could NOT imagine link Zelda or Ganon etc. in a motorized vehicle lol....but yeah a 25th anniversary trck in mario kart would be a great idea.
  11. Link1017

    So Many Girls Trying to Get with Link D:

    No their there because nintendo put them in the game lol just kidding.....i dont think they like him they just all put their faith in link to make sure they saty safe so it just makes it look like they all like him.
  12. Link1017

    Why Doesnt Link Ever Have Parents...?¿

    well that all makes since but...if Skyward Sword is suppose to be a Sequel or Prequel which ever one its suppose to be to the Oot....what link would that because he looks like the Twilight Princess link but came before the Ocarina of time link???...I think i may be wrong but i havent really...
  13. Link1017

    Why Doesnt Link Ever Have Parents...?¿

    hmmm?? yeah i could see that and it makes sense
  14. Link1017

    What is Your Favorite Zelda Boss and Mini Boss?

    My favorite boss is Twinrova Both forms....favorite mini boss is the darknut from TP
  15. Link1017

    Why Doesnt Link Ever Have Parents...?¿

    Well this has currently come to my Attention.... Ive played every zelda game made and sold and Link never has Actual Parents. He only has Grandparents Like his Grandma from WW.... So is this a coincidence or just something never thought about ...Seems a little weird to me.
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