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  • if you ever need an image done, you can always ask me. I'd be happy to do it.
    Hey! Thanks for the friend request Link1017! Hope you enjoy yourself here!

    Just so you know, I'm a kind of a graphics guru. If you want a signature image, or an avatar, you can ask me for one and I'd be happy to do it. Anything for a new member!
    Here's how u do it:

    1) Click 'settings'
    2) Click 'edit profile'
    3) In the sedonc box where it says 'optional info' there's a thin are box to type. Type whatever u want then click save
    I hope that help
    U want to know something, Link. U can create a user title under ur username. Like I do. Want to know?
    I have but not completely. My bros have completed i think. But not me. Ur profile background, header background, and content background look amazing!
    Mine would b ALTTP. I love that zelda game:) it was my first zelda game I ever played. Anyway I have to go to sleep. I'll b logged in at 9 or 10am tomorrow. Good Night Link. Thanks for the friend invite:) BTW, I love ur background and ur background header!
    Well then, welcome! If you've got any questions, don't be afraid to ask. Us oldies are happy to help. We don't bite, after all. Unless provoked....
    Hey you! You look like a new member. Welcome to the Dungeon!

    I noticed you because your username has my birthday in it. :rolleyes:
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