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    Don't know you but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ;)
    She already said she was going to get me a phone for my birthday (June 1st) but she didn't know what carrier or what phone to get for me anyway.
    You should make your Andriod App Thread into a Poll Thread that will get the Moderators and Administrators to consider actually making ZD into an App but that will take alot of time to do but if many Users want a ZD App it's gonna happen.
    Hey again! So everyone on the forums pretty much calls me Jo or Bay, you are welcome to, too. ^_^ hope to see you around. I hang out mostly in the Mature Discussion boards and the Forum Games section. Mafia is pretty cool 'yo.
    Sup bro, Random Person here. Just wanted to again say how great I thought what you did was. One of the highest forms of maturity is to be able to admit that you were wrong, regardless of whether what you did was wrong or not. I look forward to debating with someone with that kind of mentality. While I do value a person who can debate well, it takes a real man to say I'm sorry... unless you're a girl... in which case... I got nothin :lol:.
    Thanks for the friend request, Link1017 :)

    Keep up the threads. I think we disagree about a lot of stuff, but that's part of the fun. Don't you think? Why are you reading this? Get to the forums!
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