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    just because you made one before me doesn't mean im gonna take mine down.
    Your current one........Ha,ha,don't ask me,I don't know many things about avatars.....
    Hmm....I liked your old one but you should think about putting your profile picture as an avatar....It seems really nice to me.:):lol:
    Ha,ha,sorry about what exactly?? Whatever,I just got a dragon to my signature,feed him if you want:)
    Yes,I have played that game before....Not one of my favourite games at all...Whatever, how are you?
    Haha, ya I know who he is. I'm not really a fan of Peppy, or General Pepper, or Slippy. Falco can stay, and fox. lol
    I'm stoked to play that one, never got a chance on the N 64.
    I hope Kid Icarus is good. I don't even know what kind of game they are making it. I looks kinda like an adventure, but moreso action. I want it to be more exploring oriented though.
    I defs getting DKCR. That looks so fun.
    Sure, added you. And I'm not sure about the podcast. Tomorrow is a possibility but I have no confirmation.

    As for those edited Mases images, they were all made in Paint Shop Pro. The weirder ones where I stretched his face were made with the warp tool. :xd:
    Ya man, well I think the OoT for 3DS will kick-***! Better graphics, and 3D!
    I just hope its got a bit of new content, I've 100% OoT like 4 times.
    Skyward Sword disapointed me at first a bit, but I'm pretty excited, it actually looks pretty sweet, you just gotta analyze it in a different perspective (for what they're tryin to do). Besides, its a good graphics fit for Wii, when they get a better graphics console they will make an awesome realistic zelda, well thats what Eiji was hinting in an interview on IGN. So I'm pretty stoked for that.
    I guess its the gameplay that counts though. I think it'll be fun. I just hope its harder.
    That was crazy. That deer exploded. I wonder what the damage was besides Pain in Death.
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