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  • Me and my friends are going to stream live the first 2 zelda games on labor day weekend, most likley on sunday. We will begin at 10:00 am eastern standard time, and it should be alot of fun. well have live commentary as well, and may do some bonus games afterwards for fun. here is the location:


    We hope you can join us, and tell your friends about it too!
    I'm glad! I am going to pay extra attention to those that you were suspecting now too!
    I'm sorry to see that you were modkilled in the Mafia game, I hope this wont discourage you from joining the next game! I think you are a very good player!
    I myself had a hard time not editing my posts too, I'm not use to it. I understand why the rule to not edit is in the game, but it is hard to remember!
    Thanks a bunch! It was literally a rocking birthday. :)
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